What I found during a morning walk around Bastimento Beach

Wanda Bermúdez
Wednesday, September 21, 2011, at 12:24:27

Every time I walk on the beach I see or find something special but today was exceptional. I don't know if the heavy rains of two nights ago had anything to do with it. These photos were taken with my IPhone.

The last 5 pictures where taken on October 2, 2011. While I was walking on shore, a blue crab took off almost from under my feet towards the water. As soon as the crab entered the water an octopus came out of nowhere and grabbed it. I happened to have my cell phone ready.

Beach carrucho concha
langostino pulpo1 pulpo2
quebrada sanctuary Spot
Spot2 zpulpovscocolia1 zpulpovscocolia2
zpulpovscocolia3 zsnail1 zsnail2


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