Fishermen from Esperanza

by Wanda Bermúdez
Jan 07, 2011

January 07, 2011, the day after the Three Kings Day celebration, a snowy cold day in the northern US and a beautiful beach day in Vieques. I was driving by Esperanza and after stopping for "pastelillos" and "refresco de ajonjoli" I walked to the fishermen's pier to see what the catch of the day was. There I found local fishermen, Cacimar Zenón and his companion, who were picking up their gear and their cath to wrap up a successful day. They had a good amount of spiny lobsters which were already sold to the local restaurants. Good luck in your next catch guys! The first picture of a view of the "Malecón" from the fishermen's pier, the second picture is El Quenepo Restaurant in Esperanza.

Esperanza01 EsperanzaRest PescaenEsperanza01
PescaenEsperanza02 PescaenEsperanza03 PescaenEsperanza04

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