Vieques Island Travel Guide Photo Gallery

Unless otherwise indicated, the photographs are by Wanda Bermudez
The pictures are copyrighted, do not reproduce without permission.

Airport Bastimento_Beach Beach_in_the_north Beach_in_the_summer_1970's_by_Fred_Whitesides Bravos_de_Boston_Sunset_by_Michele_&_Mark_Franco_Jr
Airport Bastimento Beach Beach in the north Beach in the summer 1970's by Fred Whitesides Bravos de Boston Sunset by Michele & Mark Franco Jr
Camp_Garcia_Headquarters_in_the_70's_by_Fred_Whitesides Camping_at_Media_Luna_Beach Canon_at_Fort Cattle_crossing_at_Camp_Garcia_by_Michele_&_Mark_Franco_Jr Cayo_de_Afuera
Camp Garcia Headquarters in the 70's by Fred Whitesides Camping at Media Luna Beach Canon at Fort Cattle crossing at Camp Garcia by Michele & Mark Franco Jr Cayo de Afuera
Ceiba_tree_by_old_airport Children_at_the_beach Clock_at_City_Hall Coconuts Crab_Trap
Ceiba tree by old airport Children at the beach Clock at City Hall Coconuts Crab Trap
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