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Marriage License Instructions for Vieques, Puerto Rico


For planning a party check here.

By Reverend Nancy Carr

Legal Age 

The legal age to get married in Puerto Rico is 14 for girls and 16 for boys. If you are 21 or younger you will need your parents authorization. For more information contact Mrs. Pachie Leguillow at the Demographics Office at the hospital.



Blood Tests

You both need to get a blood test (VDRL) within 10 days of the wedding date.  This can be done here in Vieques at either the hospital lab or in town at the Laboratorio Santa Lucia.  The fee is inexpensive, around $7.  The lab at the hospital opens at 6:30 a.m. on weekdays. The test is done one time a day and the results are usually ready the next day. Be sure to ask the lab when the results will be done so you will know when to pick them up.  The tests are not done on holidays when the labs are either closed or opened for half the day only .  Puerto Rico celebrates more holidays than in the continental United States.  I have the known holidays days listed below.  Holidays in Puerto Rico can be added without notice.  Please check with me, if in doubt about any day.

If you want to get the blood test in the states, please let me know.  You MUST have the signature of someone at the lab WRITTEN ON THE LAB TEST, if done in the states.

If either and/or both parties have been married previously, you MUST have your divorce decree(s) and/or death certificate at this time to show at the Demographics Office at the hospital,  and me.  Puerto Rican law requires we list the other person involved in the divorce/death, the date and the county and state.

Special Note: Effective on March 12, 2008, to get married in Puerto Rico you must also have a Chlamydia and Gonorrhea test done. The cost of these tests is about $60 for both. The tests are not done in Vieques yet, so it will take about 5-7 days for these results to get back to the Lab in Vieques.

Required Puerto Rico Stamps

Two stamps are required.  This is like a tax.  You need a $20 stamp and a $5 stamp.  These can be purchased at the "Colecturía" across from "Ferretería Chu García" in town.  You need the $20 stamp for the health certificate.  You give the $5 stamp to me so I can turn it in with the paperwork after the wedding.


Pick Up the Blood Test Results

Take the blood test results to the Demographics Office at the hospital. (Inside front door of hospital.  First hallway on the Right.  Third door on the Left.)  The woman you need to see is Pachie (phone 787-741-1827).  She goes to lunch from noon until 1:00, so please plan around her lunch hour.

Show Pachie your blood test results, and she will give you the form to take to a doctor in the hospital for your health certificate.


Health Certificate

Go to the "Cajero" (cashier) Office in the hospital.  It is in the lobby on the right.  Tell the woman that you need to see a doctor for your health certificate to get married.  The fee at present is $7.00, which you pay at this office.

Then you will follow her instructions so you can see a doctor to get the health certificate completed.  If you need assistance, ask Pachie to help you.  She wants to make sure the process is fast and easy for you.


After You Have a Completed Health Certificate

After you have the completed health certificate form, go back to Pachie and show her everything to make sure all the paperwork is completed correctly.


You give the completed paperwork to me

When you and I meet, you will give me the licensing form, the doctor’s completed health certificate, and the $5 stamp.  I also need to see your divorce(s) and/or death certificate(s) to complete the licensing form. 

I will complete the remainder of your licensing form after your ceremony and take it and the $5 stamp back to Pachie on the first workday following your wedding.

She will process everything.  This usually takes a full day.

If you are still in Vieques at this time, you may pick up the form from her.  Be sure to check for accuracy.  The marriage certificate she gives you will be in Spanish and English.  You will let me know if you plan to pick up the marriage certificate.

If you are not in Vieques when the marriage certificate is done, I will pick it up and mail it to you.


Puerto Rican Etiquette

When you go to an office anywhere, it is a good idea to greet the person with “Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon”, etc. and then ask for assistance.  If you know the greetings in Spanish, they appreciate your speaking in Spanish.  A greeting and a smile go a long way in getting good service here.



Rev. John R. Reeves Ordained Minister 787 741-0607, 228 229-9001 cell


Catholic, Isabel II, 787 741-2241

Episcopal, Isabel II, 787 741-2668

Methodist, Isabel II, 787 741-1473 or 741-8643

Methodist, Esperanza, 787 741-8520

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Isabel II, 787 553-4440




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