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Now you can track most ferries online at or ShipFinder app on your cell phone. But beware that the current ferry status may not help to predict future performance because the administration of the ferries may change the ferry rotation at any time without warning.

  See the new itineraries below   The ferry operation was moved from Fajardo to the old Roosevelt Roads military base in Ceiba in the fall 2018. The new facilities are still under construction. Even thought the trip takes less time from Ceiba than from Fajardo, the ferry operation has remained inefficient and erratic. There is no official posting of the current ferry situation, delays or cancellations. If your need for transportation is time constricted, use the airlines when possible.

Continue below for more ferry information and schedules.

Fast ferry catamaran at Vieques harbor

Maritime transportation to Vieques is provided by an agency of the Puerto Rico government called "Autoridad de Transporte Marítimo" or ATM, a branch of the DTOP Department. The ATM uses three types of boats to provide transportation to and from Vieques. One type is the ATM cargo boat which locals call "ferry", the second type is the ATM passenger boat which locals call "lancha", the third type is a private faster boat called "fast ferry".

Starting in October 2018 was a contract with private "fast ferries" which are not cargo ferries but fast catamaran ships. There are also two new "fast ferries" cargo ships that as of today, Jan 3, 2018, have not been used to move cargo but to cover deficiencies in the schedule and move only people. The new itinerary refers to "pasajeros"/passengers (fast ferries) or "carga y pasajeros"/cargo and passengers (regular ATM ferries).


Photo of ATM cargo ferry by Oscar Bermudez




Departs ViequesDeparts Ceiba
6:00 AM cargo & passengers4:00 AM cargo & passengers
9:00 AM passangers6:30 AM passengers
11:00 AM cargo & passengers9:00 AM cargo & passengers
1:00 PM passengers11:00 AM passengers
3:00 PM cargo & passengers1:00 PM cargo & passengers
3:00 PM passengers
5:00 PM passengers4:45 PM cargo & passengers
6:30 PM cargo & passengers8:15 PM cargo & passengers


You can purchase your ferry ticket at each harbor: Ceiba, Vieques or Culebra. Even with a ticket on hand you need to get to the port at least 30 minutes early, the ticket says 1 hour. If you are planning on traveling on the first ferry on Saturday mornings towards Vieques or Culebra or the Sunday mid-day ferry back from Vieques or Culebra to Ceiba, either get to the harbor several hours ahead or buy your tickets before hand and get to harbor at least 1 hour ahead.

If you are returning to the International Airport in San Juan by ferry, allow yourself a minimum of 6 hours from the scheduled ferry departure time in Vieques to your flight departure time in San Juan. You need to get to the International Airport at least 2 hours ahead. Ferry time: on water, unloading, loading to taxi: 1 hr 30 min or more depending on vessel. Travel time from Ceiba to San Juan: 1 hr 25 min in good traffic. Allow time for contingencies.




The new incomplete Ceiba terminal


     A great vacation in Vieques requires planning ahead if you intend on bringing a car from Puerto Rico. Vieques ferry system requires a reservation be made ahead of time for vehicles because very few spaces are left for stand-by.

      If you are renting a car in Puerto Rico, check with your car rental agent before attempting to bring it to Vieques. You run the risk not being able to bring it back to Puerto Rico due to ferry problems.

      A round trip car transportation fee on the Vieques ferry for a medium size car or truck is $29 (this fee includes the drivers ticket). Passengers pay the $2/person fee in addition to the car fee. Cargo reservations can only be done in person at the harbor with the car registration and the driver license. The harbor offices should be open at the following hours but seldom are. Mon to Fri 7:30 am to 7:00 pm Saturday 8:30 am to 2:00 pm

    Updated Jan 03, 2019

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