Some Magnificent Nature and Historical Sites in Vietnam for Those Who Love Slot Games

Some Magnificent Nature and Historical Sites in Vietnam for Those Who Love Slot Games – Asia has many countries that you can explore. When you love travelling, you can visit the countries, and you will see great things in each destination. When you want to feel the tropical vibe, you can go to Vietnam. This is nice country in Southeast Asia, and you will get chances to explore the country. In there, you are able to explore great combinations of nature and history of Vietnam. As for the recommended place, these are some of them.

First, you can visit Halong Bay and it is as good as playing SLOT GAMES. This is not just ordinary bay where you can see the beautiful view of sea. In fact, what is attractive about the bay is its karsts seascape. Around the bay, you are able to see many limestone islands. The shape of each the island is attractive and these are the results of water and wind action for millennia. That is why the place also becomes one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites due to its beauty and its natural attraction. You are able to cruise around the bay and see the islands from closely. It is advised that you spend at least two days so you are able to explore the area of its bay and the islands. In addition to the iconic shape of each island, you are able to find nice natural caves in there. There is Hang Sung Sot that is famous as the mammoth caverns. When you want to see stalagmites and stalactites inside the cave, you can go to the Hang Dao Go. Surely, you are going to find great experiences by exploring the islands and caves.

Vieques-island – Your visit to Vietnam will be incomplete when you skip Ho Chi Minh City. This city is one of the best spot that you can find in Vietnam. It is not only to see the crowded places with many facilities and restaurants. In fact, you are also able to see some historical sites around the city. You can explore the area when you want to see restaurants and what big city offers in Vietnam. When you want to see something more special, you can go to Dong Khoi. In this area, you are able to find HCMC Museum. The museum shows you collections of artifacts that show the history of the city. There is also Notre Dame Cathedral. It is great cathedral built in 19th century. There is also Da Kao where you can see the French colonial architecture from the past. IN this area, there is Jade Emperor Pagoda where you can see great array of Taoist and Buddhism.

When you want to see historical site, you can go to My Son. This place is actually the ruin of temple city from the Cham era in 4th century. This became the Hindu religious centre, and it was still in use during 7th to 10th century. However, it declined and was abandoned in 13th century. You are able to see temple structures on the location. In there, it is good to have guides so they can help you to explore the area and get information about the site. In the site, there were great influences of Asian empires, including the Malay and Indian. There are two groups of temples. The group B is the oldest temples, while the group A was actually the most important area yet it was destroyed during the Vietnam War.