The Complete Guide to Vieques Island Caribbean, Puerto Rico

Already know Vieques? Vieques is an island in the eastern Caribbean located in Puerto Rico. When you get there, you will find various tourist attractions on Vieques Island, the Caribbean. Who doesn’t know Puerto Rico? Puerto Rico is a place made up of various islands. One of the largest islands is Vieques which is in the eastern part of the main island of Puerto Rico. Want to try to go to Vieques Island? Here’s a complete guide that you can understand:

What is Vieques?
Vieques was formerly inhabited by the Taino people, like a Caribbean island. This island can be said to be an invasion by the Spanish conquistadors who started having a bad impact on the local culture. There are many favorite tourist attractions here such as Mosquito Bay, Bioleminescent Bay and various other tourist attractions. No wonder this made the name known as The Musquito since the bay was founded. Vieques first became part of Puerto Rico in the mid-19th century and was acquired directly by the United States. Then in 1940, the United States military began to take over most of the Viques. Usually intended for testing weapons as well as conducting military exercises. Then sixty years later, the island began to be hit with bombs. Then there was a mock invasion at sea until another military maneuver took place.

Where is the location?
Virques is located about 7 miles off the east coast of mainland Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Sea. If you want to go through the airport, you can use the main international airport in San Juan. In addition, there are Isla Grande Airport and Jose Aponte De La Torre Airport. The most expensive flights are at San Juan’s main international airport. If you want to explore San Juan, then Isla Grande is the right choice for you. Then there is Ceiba airport which will make it easy for you to explore the island using a rental car. If you want to be more economical, you can book flight tickets to go and return you can directly board the ferry. Because the cost to ride the ferry is cheap but you will get a lot of trouble.

How to get around it
How to get around it is also easy, you can rent a rental car or use a golf cart. Make sure to rent it from far in advance so you can enjoy a pleasant trip. So, you are not allowed to bring a vehicle. And one of the most appropriate solutions is to rent a vehicle separately when you just come to Puerto Rico. Try to use a car with four wheels because some beach roads will feel very rough. So it is advisable to choose to rent a car instead of having to rent a gold train. Because golf carts are not safe for some roads, but if you don’t want to rent, you can directly use a private taxi or publico. For the most reliable service there is 741-TAXI or 787-741-8294. Usually you can consult the hotel to make it easier for you on vacation. Then you can just go on vacation using the transportation. Those are some complete guides about vacationing in Vieques Island Caribbean, Puerto Rico. Many slot online sites offer vacations to Vieques Island in addition to cash jackpot prizes, because they work with the tourism sector to help introduce this island to tourists. Don’t forget to take a vacation in your favorite tourist spots. How? Interested in visiting Puerto Rico? Don’t do the guide correctly and have a happy holiday.