5 Best Tourist Attractions On Vieques Island Karabia, Puerto Rico

Vieques Island Karabia is a city island in Puerto Rico, located in the northeastern part of the Caribbean. Not only is it called Vieques, but this island is also often referred to as the Spanish Virgin Islands. In Vieques there are also a lot of tourist attractions that you can visit. So for those of you who want to know what are the tourist attractions in Puerto Rico. Don’t worry, you can find out the best tourist attractions only in this article. How? Curious about the various beaches?

Isabel Segunda Town
Isabel Segunda is one of the tourist attractions in the city center of the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. There are many historical places there, starting from Fuerte De Vieques, Casa Alcadia De Vieques, Casa Augusto Delerme. Then there are also have place called Casa De Jaime Puig Lemoine, Rafael Acevedo House to Smaine-Ortiz House. In Downtown Puerto Rico there is a municipality that has a barrio called a pueblo. This pueblo contains the central square, city buildings, and the catholic church. Usually the petrolnas festival or the festival of the patron saint is always held in the central square every year. Even this square has become the official center of the square.

Sun Bay Beach
Sun Bay Beach is a beautiful beach located in the southern part of Vieques. Basically this beach is managed directly by the Puerto Rico Department of Natural Resources. There are many facilities ranging from bathrooms, showers, changing rooms. Then there are also BBQ grills, food stalls and various other facilities. For security, the coast guard there is tightly guarded. To camp during the day, you must obtain a permit in advance. Per night you can pay about $ 10 only

Flemenco Pantai beach
This beach has a clear sky coupled with warm white sand can provide comfort for you. There are many things you can do, one of which is swimming, relaxing or just relaxing on the beach.

La Playuela
La Playuela is a beach that has the shape of a half moon in the southwest. When you come to La Playuela, of course you will be amazed by the waters to the stunning scenery. But in order to get to La Playuela of course you have to climb first to get there. Because you will see a variety of beautiful and dramatic landscapes. Perfect for those of you who are looking for a place to relax, just come to La Playuela.

Cayo Icacos
Cayo Icacos is one of the beaches that is synonymous with water clarity that is second to none on the east coast. Usually on a long line of coral beside the pier is one of the houses for the gathering of the fish there. Not only fish, there are many other sea creatures that you can find on the beach of Cayo Icacos. If you like the atmosphere under the sea, you can just try to snorkel. You can also come there using a water taxi or private rental.

Now if you go to Puerto Rico, don’t miss watching various interesting tourist attractions. For the quality you get, it varies, not just one or two things, even more than that. How?